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Taiwan: First Week in Hsinchu

Freelance Travel Photographer | Li Gong, Hsinchu.

It has been a week since I’d arrived, and this one week had been so packed with activities, I’ve had no time to write and reflect. There’d been a lot of things going through my mind over the week, and I foresee this will be a relatively incoherent recollection of events.

Most Taiwanese (or at least the people I have met so far) love to dance. People back at home hardly dance because we are all too concerned about how people would see us. We are all afraid of being judged and yet, at the same time, it is really hard to get rid of the habit of judging people. I am abashed when I find myself secretly amused by the dances, but the elderly seem to enjoy dancing so I feel happy for them. I wondered if I would be doing the same things when I reach their age.

I also had the opportunity to teach two groups of adults basic English. It was a challenge for me initially. Although I was going at a pace comfortable for most beginners I have taught, they found me moving on too quickly. But all is good because they really look keen in mastering basic conversational English and I am a rare guest who speaks both English and Mandarin. I hope I am making a difference in their lives.

People all over the world are not as different as we think we are; we actually have a lot in common.