photographer, visual artist and designer.

“Nothing endures, but change.”

ArtScience Museum (Chinese: 艺术科学博物馆)
Marina Bay Sands

When did this happen? When did Singapore become the beautiful city that it is? Where have I been? What have I been doing?

How long is this going to last? Singapore is getting prettier by the day, but how much prettier can it get? Will it lose its charm again, once I get used to it? Will I lose the childlike astonishment once it’s become an everyday scene? With every new marvel, comes the lost of an old one? Why do I not feel a sense of lost? Because change is refreshing? But why do I sometimes long for the old? Will not the now new become the next old? Will I ever get used to anything, if nothing ever stands still? Or am I used to changes? Why is there a surge of emotions whenever it hits me that something has changed? Why do I have so many questions? Why do I ask questions, if I do not search for answers? Are there answers to my questions?

Is it the same me that I see in the mirror, every morning? Do I get used to the me that I see in the mirror? Is the spot on my face new? Or has it been there all along? How is it possible that I’ve never noticed it before? How could I possibly forget its existence when it has been there all along? Is normalcy scary? Is getting used to things scary? Is being blind to changes scary? Is the fact that time is slipping away scary?

Where is the young me who didn’t have a clue about having a sense of time? Rush hour? Running late? Running out of time? Chasing dreams? Living my dreams? Have I changed? For better or for worse?

What has noticing changes done to me? Do I embrace changes? Is today really the same as yesterday? Why do little changes escape my eyes? Why do I ask so many questions? How will that change anything?

If change is the only constant, why do I still feel like the same old me? Do I know what I want? Do I want to be someone different? Do I need to change something? Is it happening? Why, or why not? Is the change not going to be any more than skin-deep? Time waits for no one? What am I doing?