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Japan: Kobe A-1 Charcoal Steak

Kobe A1 Charocoal Steak Kobe Beef
Kobe A1 Charocoal Steak Kobe Beef

I wish I wasn’t so eager to tuck in and had put in more effort to take better photographs, but good food does that to you—it makes you impatient and it makes tasting it more important than everything else. While Kobe A-1 doesn’t boast of an ostentatious dining atmosphere and its nondescript exterior makes it a restaurant that you’d easily pass by (especially if you weren’t specifically looking for it), the restaurant serves great wagyu beef at relatively cheaper prices.

The menu is straightforward; you either order the steak or the course meal, which includes salad, soup, pickles, rice and a glass of wine. Having a meal here is uncomplicated and you’re guaranteed good food, simply because it is so specialised.