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Seoul: Spring in South Korea.

Travel Photographer | Spring in Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원) South Korea

Yeouido, Seoul.Yeouido, Seoul.

Spring in Yeouido Park (2015)
Pink blossoms in 2015
Yeouido Park (여의도공원)

The cherry blossoms at Yeouido Park this year was a little disappointing compared to last year’s as they were white, perhaps due to the weather. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most accessible, convenient and beautiful places to enjoy a stroll under the cherry blossoms.

Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원)Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원)Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원)Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원)Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원)Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원)Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원)Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원)
Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원)

While a cemetery seems like the most unlikely place that anyone would visit to see pretty flowers, Seoul National Cemetery was actually one of the places I visited this year that impressed the most with its large variety of spring blossoms.

Yeongdeungpo Riverside Trail (영등포수변둘레길)Yeongdeungpo Riverside Trail (영등포수변둘레길)Yeongdeungpo Riverside Trail (영등포수변둘레길)Yeongdeungpo Riverside Trail (영등포수변둘레길)
Yeongdeungpo Riverside Trail (영등포수변둘레길) | 안양천

The weather was a little grey, which explains the lackluster photos I took at Yeongdeungpo Riverside Trail, but this place would have been perfect for photo shoots especially on a quieter morning, because of the cherry blossom tunnel.

Cherry Blossoms at Seoul ForestSeoul ForestSeoul ForestSeoul ForestDeer at Seoul ForestSeoul Forest
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

Seoul Forest is my favourite park to visit in all seasons. In spring, there is the cherry blossoms; in summer, you have your lush green trees; in autumn, you have your gingko trees; and in winter, you have your magical winter trees.

Portrait Photographer | Spring at Namsan Park Seoul South KoreaNamsan Park, Seoul.Namsan, Seoul.
Namsan Park (남산공원)

Namsan Park surprised me with its cherry blossom rain, which was no less amazing than watching snowflakes fall gently.

Cherry blossoms are such precious little things that lasts just a little more than a week, so it was tough deciding on which places to go to, especially when the weather wasn’t always good. As a newbie in Korea last year, I didn’t know where the top places to see cherry blossoms in Seoul were so I went only to three places, namely, Yeouido, Kyunghee University and Ansan. The weather wasn’t on my side on top of that.

This year, I made sure to visit more than just 3 places, and while I didn’t manage to go to every single springtime destination I’d wanted to visit this year, I managed to cover 5 of them in Seoul and 2 in Jinhae. Till next year then!