photographer, visual artist and designer.



되찾을 수 없는 순간

The value of something heightens when we’re about to lose it. But at some point, we also learn that we can and will learn to live without it. We close a chapter after another, going through climaxes and reaching conclusions, all while never knowing which would be the last chapter.

With every new page, we have the option to write a better chapter. Or make it worse. Some dwell in the past that they cannot, or refuse to, let go of. Some get inspired. Some get discouraged by external influences. And some stop writing completely.

With every passing second, our stories unfold themselves. We’re not able to rewrite them; but we’re in control.

I’m not ready to close this chapter. But when the time comes, I’ll start a new chapter—carefully penning down every word, making sure the new chapter will be as exciting than this one.