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Taiwan: Second Floor Cafe, Taipei.

Freelance Photographer | Second Floor Cafe Taipei Taiwan
Diced Steak Classic Eggs Benedict (骰子牛 經典班尼蛋家族), NT. 390
Freelance Photographer | Second Floor Cafe Taipei Taiwan
Shaoxing Wine Marinated Pork Belly Amazing Eggs Benedict (紹興東坡肉 創意班尼蛋家族), NT. 360

Second Floor Cafe (Nangang Branch) is one of the very few cafes that I have ever visited in Taiwan, and it certainly did not disappoint although it is pretty pricey considering Taiwan’s low cost of living.

You can opt for the free flow vinegar drink, or top up for other drinks. I went for the Purple Black Milk Shake (purple sweet potato + black sesame) which comes with rose petals on it, and I liked how the chewy texture of the rose petals breaks down the monotony of the thick milk shake and how its faint aroma is well harmonised with the sweetness of the drink. It is a very filling milk shake, so order it only if you have the luxury of time to spend the whole afternoon or evening chilling at the cafe.