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Gangneung: Sunrise at Jeongdongjin (정동진), South Korea.

Travel Photographer | Sunrise Jeongdongjin (정동진) South Korea

Travel Photographer | Sunrise Jeongdongjin (정동진) South Korea

“Let’s go. The sun isn’t going to show itself,” said me.

While C left with me to get some food to warm up our half-asleep bodies, W insisted on staying behind with her brother.

The next thing we knew, we saw the sun rising over the structures that were blocking our view; as it seems, the sun rose the moment we turned our backs on it. And so we ran back to where we came from and marvelled over the view. I was mildly upset over the bad judgement on my part, having heard stories of friends who came and never saw the sun rise, but still glad that I was lucky enough to see the beautiful sun rise over the East Sea.

Jeongdongjin is one of the places that everyone talks about visiting just for the sunrise but rarely does, because it requires you to take the overnight train which is often booked out a few weeks before. Many Koreans come here for the first sunrise of the year, but we came in mid-spring when it was less freezing cold. It might be a better idea to come in summer when it is warmer and when the sun rises earlier.