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Seoul: Itaewon (이태원), South Korea.

Travel Photographer | Itaewon Seoul South Korea

Street Photographer | Itaewon Seoul South KoreaTravel Photographer | Itaewon Seoul South Korea

Apart from staying at Itaewon on my first trip to Seoul, I have never really explored the area, because I tend to avoid touristy areas where prices of things are marked up and where there are crazy crowds of tourists. But out of pure curiosity, a friend and I decided to visit Itaewon to see how much it has changed. In the past, it felt more like a combination of Sinchon and Insadong, where there are rows of sports stores, as well as traditional Korean souvenir shops. Now, the streets have gotten a lot more photogenic than I remember it to be and there is definitely a lot more fine dining options and (language) cafes than before.