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Korean 101: Bargaining or Asking for a Discount

깎아주세요. (ggak-ga-chu-se-yo)

깎아주세요 is probably one of the first few phrases you will ever learn in Korean classes or survival Korean phrase books. But what most of them won’t tell you is how the phrase is also used when you are asking to get your nails cut or hair trimmed. So what are some of the other phrases that you can use should the context be ambiguous?

One of the beauty of the Korean language is how you can express the same thing in many different ways, so I’m going to introduce to you ten more ways to ask for a discount in Korean:

  1. 값을 좀 깎아 주세요.
  2. 좀 깎아줄 수 없을까요?
  3. 좀 더 깎아 주시면 안 될까요?
  4. 가격을 조금만 깎아 줄래요?
  5. 좀 싸게 해주세요.
  6. 좀 더 싸게 해주세요.
  7. 더 싸게 해주실 수 있나요?
  8. 할인을 좀 해 주시겠어요?
  9. 할인해 주시면 안 되겠어요?
  10. 할인 좀 해 주실 수 있으세요?

Bonus: Asking for ‘service’, or free gift. 서비스 좀 줄 수 있나요?

So… which is your favourite phrase to use when asking for a discount? Copy and paste the phrases onto Google Translate to hear the pronunciation.