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Damyang, South Korea.

Damyang South Korea

Damyang Bamboo Forest (죽녹원)

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Everyone talks about the bamboo park, Juknokwon, in Damyang and there was just no reason to not visit, especially when I was in Gwangju for a weekend visiting a professor and family that I’ve known from my NTU days.

It was underwhelming to be honest, on top of being overly overcrowded. But I guess the pictures turned out alright.

Damyang Metasequoia-lined Road (담양 메타세쿼이아길)

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Although Metasequoia-lined Road can be quite boring as it is just a long stretch of road that leads to nowhere in particular, I can see how it can be a beautiful location for a photoshoot on a quiet day.

Damyang Meta Provence (메타 프로방스)

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If you ask me if Petite France (쁘띠프랑스) is worth going, I’d absolutely say no because besides being a small place, it’s not exactly close to Nami Island. But if you are visiting Metasequoia-lined Road, Meta Provence is just nearby and in my opinion, a lot more impressive than Petite France was.

All photos taken in 2016 and edited in 2018.