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Jeju World Cup Stadium (제주월드컵경기장), South Korea.

South Korea Jeju World Cup Stadium

Are you here alone? From Seoul?

Asked an old man, perhaps in his 70s.

Yes. And no, I’m from Singapore,” I answered in Korean.

I don’t remember how the exact conversation went, but he was surprised that someone from Singapore who speaks a decent level of Korean was travelling alone in Jeju. While I like travelling alone and spending some time with my own thoughts, I was actually on a work trip for a pre-wedding photoshoot this time.

There was some time to spare, so I walked over to Jeju World Cup Stadium since it was just a few hundred metres away from the hotel. I heard many hotels were built in the area because of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. I wonder if business is still good though.

The thing about architectural designs is how they often look similar, but the devil’s in the details. I’m making a guess that orange was used as the main colour for this World Cup Stadium because Jeju’s known for its tangerines.

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