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Seoul: Mullae Arts Village (문래예술공장 / 문래동 창작촌), South Korea.

Seoul Mullae Arts Village

Just a few blocks away from Cafe 1953 With Audrey is Mullae Arts Village, which is an industrial area that has probably been made known as the film location of Avengers 2. I honestly do not know much about Mullae, but from what I’ve overheard while on my photowalk, this place reminds Koreans of Ikseondong, one of the hippest neighbourhoods in recent years.

There seems to be quite a few cafes and restaurants in the area, so I definitely see myself coming here again with friends. Directions to Mullae Arts Village at the end of this post. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos and captions! (Warning: Image heavy post.)

Seoul Mullae Arts Village (문래예술공장 / 문래동 창작촌)
A pub hidden at one of the corners in the Mullae neighbourhood.
Soybean cooking oil.
Samgyeopsal (pork belly) at 8,500KRW per serving.
One of the many murals in the neighbourhood.
“You are enough.”
Evidence of Mullae being a steel foundry.
Emergency bell.
“손모아 이해하고 사랑하며내가 들어와 살거니까 기한되거등 나가!”
“거꾸로 한번 생각해 봐”
“손모아 이해하고 사랑하며”
“Closed every Monday & Sunday. I want to rest too… ha.”
Restaurant selling hamburg steak, pasta, rice, noodles and etc.
Hi, strangers.
The Warrior Coffee Roasters Lab
Workshops like this are aplenty in Mullae.
Signs telling workers to be careful with their hands can be found around the village.
“Art Festa Hello Mullae”
One of the alleys in Mullae.
Tools in one of the workshops.

Different types of paints.
A black and white photo at the base of a staircase.
Traditional coffee shop?
Along the main road.

Getting there: 2호선 문래역 1이나 7번 출구 | Line 2 Mullae Station Exit 1 or 7