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Vlog: Learning how to draw and illustrate with Procreate Pocket

Technology has made art a lot easier, don’t you think?


I was experimenting with TikTok but decided I’m overstretching myself so I’m back [on Youtube]!

I recently discovered the fun of digital illustration. While I can’t create the same textures like with acrylic paint, I like how I can undo and redo things to perfection. Digital illustration doesn’t come as naturally to me as painting. There’s a lot of layers and tools involved. But the fun in it is in how I can have a wide range of colours, textures and other tools that I have yet to explore all in my pocket.

I binge-watched tutorials on Procreate and this is my first attempt. I made a lot of mistakes that you don’t see in this vlog and that’s the thing I like about digital illustration. I like this form of digital illustration a lot better than vector illustration. Definitely comes to me more naturally.

Maybe when I find myself picking up my iPhone to draw more often than I do acrylic painting, I’ll get an iPad. Drawing on my iPhone is a little limiting due to screen size.

I’ll be putting this up on my shop if anyone wants a free wallpaper from a digital illustrator wannabe :p

That’s it for this week. See you next Saturday!