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Hong Kong: Tseung Kwan O Cross Bay Bridge (將軍澳跨灣大橋)

Hong Kong has recently (late 2022) opened a new transportation route called the Tseung Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel and Cross Bay Link in Junk Bay.

Although this route cuts 20 minutes off commuting time, it does not have a direct impact on me. Instead, I was more interested in the Tseung Kwan O Cross Bay Bridge (將軍澳跨灣大橋). This 1km bridge combines the functions of a carriageway, footpath, and cycle track in one and is connected to the south of LOHAS Park at Wan O Road (環澳路). It is also a part of a 5km cycling track in Tseung Kwan O. On a cool spring day with clear blue skies, I found myself on the bridge with unobstructed views of Junk Bay and the Eastern Channel.

Getting There:

The nearest MTR stations are Tiu Keng Leng Station and Lohas Park Station. For those who are not interested in walking or cycling, there are buses (KMB: 96, 290E, 298X. Citibus: 790 and 795.) that pass through the tunnel. If you’re lucky, you may catch the amazing sunset too.

*All images shot and edited on iPhone 12 Pro Max with the native camera and photo editor apps.