Author: Ching

한국 (South Korea)

Seoul: L’atelier (라뜰리에), Dongdaemun

L'atelier Seoul 10.JPG
Palace du Forum

L'atelier Seoul South Korea

L'atelier Seoul South Korea
Flower market at la Madeleine
L'atelier Seoul South Korea
Van Gogh’s room in the Yellow House brought to life.
L'atelier Seoul South Korea
The Starry Night by Van Gogh
L'atelier Seoul South Korea
Impressionist paintings from the 19th century.
L'atelier Seoul South Korea
A sketch exhibit in the museum.

One Friday evening, I found myself at L’atelier with a large group of Global Seoul Mates, having no idea what I was getting into. The paintings by Van Gogh and Claude Monet along the hallway quickly reminded me of the time when I was an art student, but that wasn’t all there is to L’atelier.

The museum is an interactive art museum; make use of the free WiFi at the entrance to download the Latelier Guide app (available in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese) to learn more about each exhibit. The mobile app also allows you to reveal hidden episodes around the museum.

Don’t forget to also watch out the timing of the 3 shows to catch in the museum, namely, The Monet’s Garden (a media art show), X-Files on Masterpieces (a hologram talk show), and Van Gogh’s Dream (a mono musical).

There’s a lot of photo opportunities in this small museum located at Dongdaemun, although ticket prices are expensive at 24,000KRW for adults. For a more immersive experience, order a drink at Café de la Gare and bring it with you around the museum.

All photographs are taken with and edited on an iPhone 8.