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Welcome to my bookshop :) This is where I share ideas and long form content in the form of ebooks. Since graduating from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a Bachelor of Arts in English and receiving my certificate in TESOL from Trinity College London, I’ve been writing and sharing my love for travel and photography, as well as foreign languages and cultures.

I’ll be writing more ebooks over the year (hopefully) and they’ll either be free of charge, or made available for less than the price of an expensive cup of iced chocolate.

Feel free to contact me if you’ve any topics that you’d excited to see me write about.



Ching’s Guide to Studying Korean in Seoul (Yonsei University Korean Language Institute)

In this 40-page ebook, I answer many of the questions that I had — how to apply for a school, which school to apply to, what visa to apply for and et cetera — and that I couldn’t find answers to before I left for Korea. I also included some FAQs by readers. 2021 Edition.

SGD 10.00

*Other payment options: PayNow (Singapore) or FPS (HSBC Hong Kong). Please contact me for more details.

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