Singapore: Christmas Wonderland 2019

“Did we just pay $10 for this?”

X and I questioned as we stepped into Christmas Wonderland.

“The colours are disappointing. Deepavali or what. OMG. Why is this in mandarin orange colour! They need to learn from the light festivals in South Korea.”

“So impressive, I’ve decided to fly out of Singapore next December.”

Despite our complaints, we continued to take pictures of the light sculptures and Supertrees to make the $10 we’d paid worthwhile, before heading to the other end where the carnival is. The both of us weren’t interested in the carnival, so we were done exploring the area within half an hour.

“I think we should turn back. I’m not sure where this exit will lead us to,” I said.

And that was probably the best decision we’d made that night; as we made our way back to Supertree Grove, we found ourselves starting to enjoy the light show and the atmosphere. The crowds were leaving and the night was getting cooler. Suddenly, everything that we didn’t like about the event was much more bearable, because we finally had the space and leisure to take pictures without anyone walking into us or into our pictures.

It’s true. Heat can make one more frustrated and more prone to anger.

In retrospect, some of the light shows in South Korea weren’t the most impressive, but something about the cold weather in winter (or spring and autumn) helps in making it more romantic.

Would I pay $10 again to visit next year? Maybe not. But would I pay $6*? Likely yes. And I’ll be smarter about choosing the right day and time.

*P.S: If you book online or come before a certain date, it’s cheaper.