Quit Saying Money Can’t Buy Happiness

A couple of months ago, I was randomly discussing about money and work with a friend and I felt baffled by adults who are still saying, “Money can’t buy happiness.”

That felt like something I’d have said as a fresh graduate, full of enthusiasm for the arts and big dreams of making a decent living from it. I don’t need a lot of money. I just need to make enough while doing what I am passionate about for a living!

It only took a few years for me to realise how ludicrously foolish I was.

Money CAN buy happiness. The only time money can’t buy you happiness is quite likely when you don’t have it.

Assuming you’re spending it right, money can buy you freedom, time, health, education, experiences, enjoyment, good food, warmth and shelter, and things that bring you happiness. Money can also make you more money and pay for your passion.

Yes, there are some things that money cannot buy, but at the very least you have the basic needs of the Maslow’s hierarchy met and that means one thing off the mind to worry about while working towards self-actualisation.

Better to be sick and not have to worry about your medical bills than being sick and can’t afford to see a doctor, right? Surely the pandemic has accentuated the importance of money and what it could buy?

So stop making excuses and lying to yourself that money can’t buy happiness.

Then again, while there’s a lot of money out there in the world to be made, the majority of us do not have access to it. And that’s when it is all about finding the balance between making more money and living with less.

But first, quit saying money can’t buy happiness because that mindset will be what’s stopping you from making more money.