Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you return all original JPEG images?

I shoot with the intention to edit. This means that a lot of times the straight-out-of-camera JPEG images are darker than the final edited images. Sometimes my images are also hastily composed, because it’s all about speed when trying to capture candid and genuine moments, especially when shooting in the streets. A little post-production is necessary to bring back the magic in the moment.

“But I can edit them by myself!”

Then I’m afraid I’m not the photographer for you…

Why do you charge an initial payment?

Don’t worry, I’m not running away with your money.

A travelogue photo session involves a lot of research, planning and time behind the scenes. As clients usually trust my expertise when it comes to photo shoots in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea, I am usually given free rein to run the show and take some of the workload and pressure off their shoulders. That includes scouting for location, coordinating with hair & makeup artists, vendors and etc.

Essentially, the initial payment helps to keep things going and minimise last-minute cancellations. :)

What are your travel fees like?

If you book early and the time slot you want happens to be during my travel dates, flight and accommodation fees may be waived on a case-by-case basis.

Otherwise, we’ll just work something out based on the actual flight and accommodation fees.