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Anyone who is looking into studying Korean in Seoul (or anywhere else in South Korea) will face self-doubt and wonder if it is worth the time and money. I had the same doubts before I took the leap of faith and eventually graduated from Yonsei University Korean Language Institute. I believe in education for the sake of self-development and not just job prospects, so I would say go for it, especially if you are not the sole breadwinner in the family. In my eBook, I have answered many of the questions I had that I couldn’t find answers to before I went to Korea, and I have also included some of the FAQs by readers.

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I grew up speaking English, Mandarin and Cantonese with varying fluency, and now I speak four languages, after having graduated from Yonsei University Korean Language Institute. Over the years, I have also taken 2 semesters of French lessons and passed DELF A1, 1 semester of German, and 1 semester of Malay at NTU; I studied up to JLPT N3, and I also picked up basic Thai at a language school. While I may not be the most effectively multilingual person, I have developed some insights into learning a foreign language successfully, which  I share in the eBook.

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