Vlog: My First Rented Home Office in Singapore

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As a photographer and videographer, I don’t always have creative freedom. So I decided to shoot for myself.

I can’t tell what I have in store for you yet, but I promise it’ll be a visual treat. Subscribe to my new channel, where I’ll upload a new video on every Saturday at 9pm!

On a different note, renting a home office in Singapore was a challenge for me, even though I’ve had experience renting in Seoul. Without Shermin’s help, I would have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paperwork to be done and things to look into. I’m very particular about aesthetics and details, and Shermin knew exactly what I wanted and needed for my home office.

If you’re looking for someone to represent you, check out https://sgfirsthome.com

Disclaimer: Shermin is my client turned friend and representative. My opinions of her is about as biased as it can be. It’s my first time engaging anyone to represent me, the vlog is not sponsored and I paid for her services. Please do your own research and form your own opinions.