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Ivy & Atul in Hong Kong

Ivy & Atul pre-wedding photoshoot in Hong Kong

“In the flurry of wedding planning and related activities, the one thing a couple always pray for is good partners to smoothen the entire process. Ching’s talent, passion and patience shone through the entire day she spent with us. Never once was there a frown nor grumble, making us feel completely at ease which also results in great photos (from some angles my hubby-to-be even look like Cristiano Ronaldo 😝)! We are so grateful, and totally patting ourselves on our back for choosing Ching. Thank you Ching, you really have no idea how happy you have made us!” — Ivy

It was my first time meeting Atul, but Ivy is a good friend of mine and a senior from NTU that I respect a lot. She was the one who showed me a whole new world of scrabble and word games, and the person who told me that in the world of word games, “It’s 70% hard work and 30% good luck.” And I think that applies to many things in life.

I was excited when Ivy and Atul said they wanted a photoshoot that was casual and not pose-y, because that is exactly what I love to do — capturing candid moments.

Their pre-wedding photoshoot in Hong Kong turned out to be nothing close to what I’d imagined it to be. After lots of research and pondering over the best locations, I ended up nowhere close to the usual locations for pre wedding photoshoots in Hong Kong. Instead, due to the unpredictable weather that week, I suggested a shoot in the city centre so that we could find shelter easily should it rain.

Luck was on our side, and although it did drizzle for a short while, the rest of the day was dry.

Thanks, Ivy and Atul. For showing me how to it’s possible to love someone despite having very different personalities. And I’m happy too, to know that you had a fun time with me.

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