You, me and my camera, and a romantic sense of adventure. That’s what a travelogue photo session with Ching is all about.

I’ve been told that my photography style tends towards natural colours with film-like aesthetics and that they have a Korean/Japanese feel to them, but I’ve never limited myself to a specific style. And I hear you. You don’t just want pictures that are beautifully crafted and look amazing; you want it to tell a story. That is exactly what I do, as a visual artist and writer searching for beauty in the everyday. My focus is on capturing emotions, and I’m all about making your personality shine in the photos. I seek to take you on an adventure and create memories that you’d want to remember for life.

Your time and experience with me means as much to me as the end product. If you are expressive, outgoing and feel comfortable in front of the camera, let your quirky personality show. Conversely, if you are camera shy, I’m not about to make you do cliché poses. Rather, I’d prefer to fade into the background and chronicle your precious moments with minimal direction.

Confidence in front of the camera also comes with wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable. If that means going au naturale because you are not used to putting on makeup, go ahead. If you prefer wearing sneakers, I’m not about to stop you. What matters most is that you like what you see in your photos.

Pay only for images that you love. My travelogue session rates are customisable, which gives you the flexibility to tailor your package according to your wants, needs and budget. If you prefer an all-inclusive and no-surprises-after rate, just predetermine the number of images you want before the photo session.

What the session fee includes:
  • Photographer’s time, which includes consultation time with you, as well as time taken to coordinate with hair & makeup artists, vendors and etc.
  • Session fee does not include any photographs. The fee is an initial payment for reserving a time slot in the photographer’s schedule, as other clients who try to book the same time slot will be turned down.
  • Up to 8 hours of shoot time in a day, and flexible number of locations.
What the edited photos fee includes:
  • Artistically edited photographs.
  • Half price for individual portraits.
What the additional services include:
  • Ability to choose the cover material, size of photo book/album, and number of photos to be printed.
A few important things to note:
  • Limited to 4 sessions per month to ensure that you get all the attention that you need from me, so do get in touch as early as you can.
  • Airfare and accommodation—worth about USD$1500—usually waived and absorbed by photographer for photo sessions in Hong Kong and Seoul. Additional travel fee may apply for other locations.
  • Dates are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis, after the initial payment has been made. The initial payment is non-refundable, and the balance is to be paid after the shoot.
  • All prices exclude fees for rental of gown(s), makeup, transportation, location permit and any other add-on fees that may occur.
  • Please note that the price list is subject to change without notice, but all prices are true at the time of booking.
  • Photos will be edited and returned as high resolution jpeg files. Unedited jpeg and/or RAW files will not be provided.
Hair and Makeup Services

I know/work with a few freelance hair and makeup artists in Hong Kong and South Korea. If you are interested in experiencing local salons instead, feel free to ask for recommendations. Important note: Fees for hair and makeup services are not included in the photo session fees.

Interpreting and/or Translation Services

I am proficient in four languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean. Should you need any assistance with renting hanboks or visiting a beauty salon to get your hair styled and makeup done, please inform me as soon as possible. Interpreting rates start from USD$200 per day but this will be waived, if you have booked a photo session with me.

Photo session with photographer in Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul, South Korea

You can browse through my blog archives for more ideas on where you can have your photo session(s) in Singapore, Seoul and/or Hong Kong.

For commercial, advertising or editorial projects, please email me for further discussion!