한국 (South Korea)

Seoul: Mokdong Shooting Range (목동사격장), South Korea.

During my days in Innova Junior College, we were privileged enough to have a shooting range on campus and an Olympian shooter as our PE teacher. That was my first experience with a rifle, and that was also about the last time I shot… Maybe except the one last time I shot a pistol during my early NTU days.

As much as I enjoy such activities, I didn’t think I would ever shoot again in my life, until Ling asked me along to Mokdong Firing Range. And never have I imagined shooting with a real gun.

Real gun at Mokdong Firing Range Seoul South Korea
I guess I need more practice.

I was enjoying myself too much to take photos, so here’s a vlog by Ling.

For those of you who have no knowledge of Korean, the staff at the shooting range didn’t really seem to know English, but it shouldn’t be a big problem. It’s 20,000 KRW for 10 bullets. Not too bad, I guess? Don’t forget to also bring your ID or passport, or even just a photo of it on your mobile phone.