한국 (South Korea)

Seoul: Autumn Sunset at Mapo

There’s something about the natural light in South Korea that is so inexplicably beautiful and warm. It’s something I cannot replicate in Singapore and which perhaps also explains the warmer tones of the pictures that I take in the country.

“You stayed in your room for so long to take all these pictures?”

JJ asked while going through the 33 photos of the same sunset in my camera.

“We were meeting our friends later in the evening so we had some time to spare,” I answered casually. Though from a photographer’s point of view, you can’t possibly just snap a picture or two and leave. You never know when the most dramatic moment will arrive.

The sun and the clouds are moving quickly every second; the light changes every minute or so, and the colours are different as each minute passes. Sometimes the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Sometimes the sun sets so quickly, it’s gone before you can even get your camera ready. So when you have your camera set up, you honestly can’t get off the camera until the sky is dark and when the sun is completely out of sight.

Sunset at Mapo Seoul South Korea
Sunset at Mapo Seoul South Korea
Sunset at Mapo Seoul South Korea

All photos taken with my Fujifilm XT2 and edited on Capture One.