Hong Kong

香港 (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong: Cafe Seasons (四季常餐), Central.

Cafe Seasons (四季常餐) Central Hong Kong
Long lunch hour queue despite the heavy rain.
Cafe Seasons (四季常餐) Central Hong Kong
Taken during the 30-minute wait in the queue.
Cafe Seasons (四季常餐) Central Hong Kong
Artistic shot taken by accident.
Cafe Seasons (四季常餐) Central Hong Kong
Scrambled egg with toast.
Cafe Seasons (四季常餐) Central Hong Kong
Macaroni with ham. Creamy chicken soup base that sets it apart from the competitors. (Kakao sticker put in place to protect readers with trypophobia like myself.)

Recently opened in May 2018, Cafe Seasons (四季常餐) is a cha chaan teng in Hong Kong that has won the hearts of many office workers in Central. The menu is nothing revolutionary; it offers what most cha chaan tengs offers, except maybe with a slight twist. It has gained the attention of media outlets—mostly raving about the high quality food—which explains its skyrocketing popularity.

The food is not bad and served pretty fast; the tables and utensils are clean, and I think the service is pretty all right compared to the famous cha chaan tengs that has been around for decades. A lunch set meal costs less than HKD$50, which is a steal considering it’s in Central.

It’s open from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. and it’s busiest during lunch hour from 12 P.M. to about 2 P.M. While the food is decent, it’s not worth spending half an hour waiting in line so it’s best to come during non-lunch hours if you happen to be in the area.

Address: Shop C, G/F, Sunwise Mans, 112-114 Wellington Street Hong Kong

P.S: All photos taken with and edited on iPhone 8 to avoid taking up too much time during their busy lunch hours.