The Tao of Travel

Murphy's Rules of Travel

Some words of wisdom quoted from The Tao of Travel by Paul Theroux.

Murphy’s Rules of Travel:

  • Choose your country, use guidebooks to identify the areas most frequented by foreigners—and then go in the opposite direction.
  • Mug up on history.
  • To travel in ignorance of a region’s history leaves you unable to understand the “why” of anything or anyone.
  • Don’t overplan.
  • It is important to travel light. At least 75 percent of the equipment sold nowadays in camping shops—travel clothesline, roll-up camping mats, lightweight hair dryers—is superfluous.
  • Cyberspace intercourse vitiates genuine escapism.
  • Don’t be inhibited by the language barrier.
  • Be cautious—but not timid.
  • Invest in the best available maps.