한국 (South Korea)

Seoul: Cafe Le nanan (르낫농), Yeonnamdong.

Le nanan Cafe Yeonnamdong Seoul South KoreaDesserts Le nanan Cafe Yeonnamdong Seoul South KoreaLe nanan Cafe Yeonnamdong Seoul South Korea

With about ten seats or less, Le nanan (르낫농) is a really tiny cafe just beside one of the popular restaurants in Yeonnamdong (which I found overrated). A friend who knows a thing or two about pastry recommended this cafe, which I probably would not have thought of entering otherwise because of its modest exterior.

Perhaps the good thing about writing about a place after some time has passed is this: If you don’t remember if something was good (or bad), it probably didn’t make a deep enough impression.

My friend likes this cafe, but it has since closed down. It should be moving to a new place soon, however.