Vlog: Doodling on my iPad Pro 12.9″ (5th gen).

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hello. not sure if it’s because of the rain but I haven’t had much time to be outdoors so my work inspiration has been low. I decided to doodle a little on my iPad.

when I was in school, the teachers didn’t tell me off for doodling. maybe I look really serious while doodling and teachers thought I was a good student 🤓

I haven’t been doodling much since adult life because I wouldn’t go out with a pen and a notebook. doodling is therapeutic because there’s no need to think about the pursuit of perfection.

today I doodled a lil on the places in Japan that I’ve been to. I found the style of recent popular thingies are actually similar to my doodling style. I began to ponder on the meaning of life and if I should pursue a career change 🤣

after all, there were two fortune-tellers who said I should have be an artist 👩🏻🎨 I don’t really believe in such things and I know very well that I don’t have a natural talent in art.

as I doodled, I realised how lucky I was to have travelled a lot ✈️ before the outbreak.

unwittingly, I doodled for more than an hour. I also made phone cases out of today’s doodles. click on my shop, if you’re interested.

I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog. see you next saturday!