Vlog: Writing language notes with GoodNotes 5 on MacBook Pro

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I’ve been trying out GoodNotes 5 and OneNote on my MacBook Pro to see which works best for digitising my Korean language notes. For now, I’m with GoodNotes.


One of my favourite souvenirs from my first trip to Japan.

I’ve been experimenting with digital note-taking apps and I found the flashcard function on GoodNotes 5 really useful especially for studying languages.

I’m not sure about using the app on iPad, but as much as I like the app, it’s been quite a frustrating experience. The app crashed often on my MacBook Pro and the outline function wasn’t working properly. It did get better after two updates in the past week or so, but the font I was using was removed in the process so I had to reformat the whole notebook.

I’ll talk more about how I organise and digitise my language notes when I’m certain that it works.

Meanwhile, I finally received the samples from my shop. So here’s me unboxing it.

I got my favourite photo printed in sticker form so I can paste it on one of my everyday carry and look forward to travelling like before. I’m also looking to design new phone cases for days when I don’t need my crossbody phone case.

That’s it for this week. See you next Saturday! (Or the following 😝)