Ching is a photographer and content creator who splits her time between Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul. She studied literature and is happy to have found still and moving images as complementary means of telling multidimensional stories for a diverse range of clients. Fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean, she also helps others communicate their ideas as an interpreter and translator. Always ready for a cuppa iced chocolate and assignments worldwide.

싱가포르인 포토그래퍼. 홍콩 거주권이 있고, 대만에서 거주한 적이 있으며, 서울에서 유학하여 연세어학당을 졸업하였다. 싱가포르 난양이공대학교 영문과 졸업생인, 비주얼 컨텐츠와 글 창작에 능하고, 영어-중국어-한국어-광동어에 능통하다.