Photographer and content creator from Singapore. Proficient in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean. Also helps others communicate their ideas as a language specialist and writer. Always ready for a cuppa iced chocolate and assignments worldwide. Read more.

싱가포르인 포토그래퍼와 콘텐츠 크리에이터. 난양이공대학교 영문과 졸업생. 비주얼 컨텐츠와 글 창작에 능하고, 영어-중국어-한국어-광동어에 능통하다.




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  • My husband and I first engaged Ching’s services for a casual pre-wedding shoot in Jeju. Prior to the shoot, Ching and I mainly communicated through whatsapp. I had fun chatting and bouncing off ideas with her, we spoke about shoot locations, outfit, logistics and of course, the creative direction. I must say that communication and coordination with Ching was such a breeze and she tends to give good suggestions as well.

    Fluent in Korean and English, Ching doubles up as a professional photographer + translator. During the shoot, we could see her professionalism and decisiveness especially when we were experiencing bad weather conditions and had to make changes to our plans.

    Overall, I’m very satisfied with Ching’s work and I even engaged her services for a second time, to take corporate headshots for my husband and I.

    Even though Ching may take slightly longer to edit the photos (I know it’s tough running a one-man business), I’m not too concerned because I know that at the end of the day, Ching delivers quality photographs and good stuff are worth waiting for!

    Shi Min
  • “In the flurry of wedding planning and related activities, the one thing a couple always pray for is good partners to smoothen the entire process. Ching’s talent, passion and patience shone through the entire day she spent with us. Never once was there a frown nor grumble, making us feel completely at ease which also results in great photos (from some angles my hubby-to-be even look like Cristiano Ronaldo 😝)! We are so grateful, and totally patting ourselves on our back for choosing Ching. Thank you Ching, you really have no idea how happy you have made us!”