photographer, visual artist and designer.


Taking time off as a service provider. Now focused on sharing information and knowledge, as well as designing and selling my own range of merchandise at B129.

(Updated 31 Dec 2022.)

In a few words:

Photographer and videographer from Singapore. Proficient in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean, and helps others communicate their ideas as a language specialist and writer. Always ready for a cuppa iced chocolate and assignments worldwide.

싱가포르인 포토그래퍼와 콘텐츠 크리에이터. 난양이공대학교 영문과 졸업생. 비주얼 컨텐츠와 글 창작에 능하고, 영어-중국어-한국어-광동어에 능통하다.




  • Nanyang Technological University, BA (Hons) in English
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong ISS, General Psychology
  • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute, Regular Program Level 6
  • Trinity College London, CertTESOL

Languages spoken:

English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean.

As a photographer and videographer:

I come from a background in literature and like to indulge in the imaginary. This attribute is manifested in my photography, which exudes a sense of the poetic. Storytelling is an integral part of my work and I believe in creating emotive pictures.

After having some of my works showcased in various publications and exhibitions, I started working with clients across different industries and countries; and I’ve worked on commercial projects, fashion lookbooks and product shots for e-commerce, corporate portraits, personal portraits, weddings, overseas pre-weddings, as well as travel and sports content creation.

Inspired by music and moving pictures, I also make cinematic videos for clients.

As a wordsmith and language specialist:

Since graduating from NTU with a BA in English (Hons) and receiving my certificate in TESOL from Trinity College London, I’ve been pursuing my passion in languages and providing writing services.

I started out writing ESL textbooks and curriculum, but have since moved on to copywriting, content marketing and travel writing. Besides B2B and B2C marketing, I’ve also self-published ebooks on topics that I am passionate about.

Being proficient in four languages, namely English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean, I also worked with agencies and help others convey their messages as a translator and interpreter.


TL;DR: This site isn’t monetised via advertising and/or sponsored content but through my own creative projects, as well as products and services. Any ads you see do not represent my views. (Although you shouldn’t see any, because I paid to remove them.) Please do your own research and make well-informed decisions.

Since this site isn’t designed to be advertiser-friendly, what I’m trying to build is a creative space where I can be free to experiment and express. The comments section has been disabled, but you’re always welcomed to drop me a message.

And here’s what I try to do with this online space:

Value is king.

Provide value, be honest and authentic, question things and keep things in check. Finally, find a community of like-minded people whose values align.

Aesthetics is queen.

Photo, video, design and typography. It all adds to the experience.

No ads, no sponsored content.

I don’t have anything against people who do them (ethically), but for myself, I just can’t justify doing it. If done right, ads and sponsored content can be entertaining and useful. But it’s just not for me. I find ads annoying.

No sales; quality wins.

Because I’m someone who turn away from salesmen before they can even begin to speak to me. And I hate it when salesmen pressurise me with a sense of urgency.

I believe the quality of a product or service should be what seals a deal. Hence this site is also where I work on awareness and educating. Allowing clients and customers to deliberate over their purchase ultimately ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In other words, it feels better for both parties when we agree on how much something is worth.

Besides, my products are either made on demand or digital. So there’s really no need for clearing stock and having off-season sales. Essentially, I price my products and services for what I think they are worth.

No pop-ups, no dangling carrot.

I’ve surrendered my email for free ebooks and the like before, only to unsubscribe right after. And I’ve clicked on the X button on countless pop-ups without even reading what’s on them.

I think that pretty much states my stand on pop-ups and dangling carrots.