In a few words:

Photographer and videographer from Singapore. Proficient in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean, and occasionally helps others communicate their ideas as a language specialist and writer. Always ready for a cuppa iced chocolate and assignments worldwide.

싱가포르인 포토그래퍼와 콘텐츠 크리에이터. 난양이공대학교 영문과 졸업생. 비주얼 컨텐츠와 글 창작에 능하고, 영어-중국어-한국어-광동어에 능통하다.



As a photographer and videographer:

I come from a background in literature and like to indulge in the imaginary. This attribute is manifested in my photography, which exudes a sense of the poetic. Storytelling is an integral part of my photography and I believe in creating emotive pictures.

After having some of my works showcased in various publications and exhibitions, I started working with clients across different industries and countries; and I’ve worked on commercial projects, fashion lookbooks, corporate portraits, overseas pre-weddings, personal portraits, as well as content creation.

Inspired by music and moving pictures, I also make cinematic videos.

As a wordsmith and language specialist:

I am interested in sharing my love for travel and photography, as well as foreign languages and cultures. Since graduating from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a Bachelor of Arts in English and receiving my certificate in TESOL from Trinity College London, I’ve been writing on a freelance basis.

I started out writing TESOL textbooks and curriculum, but later moved on to copywriting, content marketing and travel writing. These days, I also self-publish ebooks to write on topics that I am passionate about.

Being proficient in four languages, I also help others convey their messages as a translator and interpreter for various topics, events and business meetings.