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Vlog: Home cafe vlog and tips on learning Korean.

Vlog 15 by Ching

Answering some FAQ on how to learn Korean with a glass of homemade butterfly pea lemonade.


Instagram recently reminded me of my trip to HCM last year. And I wanted to recreate this fancy drink that I had.

A friend happened to tell me about Scoop Wholefoods where I found out that I can get the flowers I want, so I dropped by the outlet at PLQ.

I tried making butterfly pea milk but failed terribly at getting the colours, so I thought I’d try making butterfly pea lemonade instead.

I hope I’ll succeed 🤞🏻

Steep for 5 minutes.

Okay, so I failed to get the layered colours. But this is pretty enough. Adding some rose petals because it smells so good.

I’ve been asked how to get more practice while learning Korean. So I thought I’d share some of the YouTube channels I watch occasionally. The YouTube scene in South Korea is very vibrant. You can easily find something to your liking. But accent is an issue when it comes to listening, so I’ll only be recommending channels speaking the Seoul dialect.