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Taiwan: Taipei 101 From Xiangshan (象山)

Travel Photographer | Taipei 101 from Xiangshan (象山) Taiwan
Taipei 101 From Xiangshan (象山)
Taipei Cityscape from Xiangshan
Taipei 101 From Xiangshan (象山)
Taipei 101 From Xiangshan (象山)
Taipei 101 From Xiangshan (象山)

The last time I was in Taiwan, I went up Taipei 101 reluctantly and came back down feeling uninspired because, really, Taipei doesn’t look all that interesting from so many storeys above. And besides, what’s a cityscape without its iconic landmark? So this time round, I did a quick search and found out where I could get that cityscape shot with Taipei 101 right in the middle.

Turned out, the place is really accessible, free to visit, and is a great place to watch the sunset. But getting there requires a certain level of fitness and lots of ointment for mosquito bites, because mosquito repellents don’t work against these pesky insects.

Xiangshan Hiking Trail is a few hundred metres hike, and a few hundred metres away from the nearest MRT station. You could hike further up for better views, but I chose to stay at the platform not too far up, just so I didn’t have to get back down in the dark.

Getting There

Alight at Xiangshan MRT station on the red line and take exit 2. Walk straight ahead and follow the signs along the side of the park (Zhongqiang Park). At the end of this stretch of road, turn left and go up a slope, then turn right and continue walking. The entrance to the hiking trail will be on your left.